Weikup Consulting’s values

Weikup Consulting’s company policy is based on the following essential human values which form its identity today :

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Sustainable staff development
  • Quality

Code of ethics

This code applies to all consulting, coaching and training activities, whatever they may be.
All tasks serve the same purpose :
- To contribute to the optimisation of the capacities and resources of each person
- To allow each person to develop mentally and in responsibility using learning methods suitable for them individually, enabling dynamic progress (in self esteem, goals, definition of a strategic vision, etc)

In each case, the consultant offers unconditional support to the persons s/he accompanies. In no case does s/he assume the professional responsibility of his/her clients nor make decisions on their behalf”

The consultant responsibilities

> Training :
Each consultant of Weikup Consulting has been trained as a coach by a professional and competent body. S/he only employs proven techniques that s/he has mastered.

> Supervision :
Each consultant can prove that s/he is permanently supervised by another coach and that s/he regularly makes use of this in exercising his profession.

> Integrity :
Each consultant is prohibited from :
> accepting any other compensation than that agreed upon with the client,
> to solicit or accept from a third party, without the knowledge of his client, any advantage, commission or retribution of any kind whatsoever,
> any action, deception or statement that may directly or indirectly harm the reputation of a fellow member or be prejudicial to its business.

> Confidentiality :
Each consultant undertakes to respect the rules of professional secrecy to ensure the strict confidentiality of information concerning the client and any eventual partners.