Career Coaching

You would like to offer your team the possibility to review their careers and skills and assess their potential for a new career path

Skills assessment :

> Target group : people with more than 5′ years experience, wishing to evaluate their career
> Objective : assess participant’s talents and skills, define their career project, determine the necessary action plan to realise the project
> Offer : a comprehensive skills assessment, enabling the participants to decide upon their career, become aware of their strengths and areas for improvement. Meetings with professionals in the targeted occupations and sectors. Overview of what to do with regard to the professional job market. 
> Duration :  24 hours split over 8 to 12 weeks

 // The various stages of skill assessment

Implementing up a career guidance service :

> Target group : universities and high schools wishing to provide career guidance to their graduates and/or their students
> Objective : offer to students and/or graduates to assist them in their job seach and professional (re)positioning
> Offer : a customized service tailored to the needs of the University 
> Course procedure :  weekly or monthly shifts